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  • Guides pay only 10% service fee
  • Introduce guides and receive 5% of their first 5 tours
  • Offer unique tours created with our itinerary builder tool
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show-questionWhy should I join dekitabi Affiliate Program?
dekitabi is a Japan-based startup company focused solely on Japan. In addition to having the best fees, we aim to offer a wide variety of options for our affiliates to stand out from the competition. We want to work closely with our affiliates to offer the best to travelers visiting Japan.
show-questionWho can join dekitabi Affiliate Program?
Anyone can join our affiliate program. We welcome anyone who loves Japan and wants to share the beautiful areas of Japan, way beyond Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, with travelers.
show-questionHow do I make money with dekitabi Affiliate Program?
You can earn money with our affiliate program in two different ways. We will pay you a commission on tours (9%) that have been booked and completed through direct traffic coming from you. Or you can refer tour guides to join our website. They can use your coupon code generated at the moment they sign up and you will receive 5% of their completed tours' fee for their first 5 completed tours. Our service fees for guides are the best in the market.
show-questionDo I need a website to join dekitabi Affiliate Program?
No. You can generate ¥1000 discount coupon codes that travelers can use at the checkout. With that code we will know travelers were referenced by you. Coupon codes will not affect your commission.

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