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We use Stripe for secure payments & payouts

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Receiving Payments

Payments at dekitabi are very simple. For every service you sell, dekitabi will transfer 90% of the value to your dekitabi balance. 10% of the value will be deducted as service fee. Guides have no restrictions about the fees they set for their services.
Payments will happen after the traveler reviews the tour/guide or automatically 5 days after the tour.

Receiving Payouts

Set up your bank account to receive payouts.

For you to receive funds, dekitabi makes payouts to your bank account. Payouts happen every Friday (Tokyo time). In most cases, when you start receiving payments from travelers with dekitabi, you will not receive your first payout until 7-14 days after receiving your first successful payment. The first payout may take longer for a number of reasons. Processing subsequent payouts then happens according to your account's payout schedule.

Adding your bank account information


You can use any Futsū type bank account (普通預金口座) in your/your legal entity’s name with any Japanese financial institution, including large banks (such as SMBC and MUFG), internet banks (such as Rakuten Bank or PayPay Bank), and Japan Post Bank. Virtual bank account services that don't open accounts in your name, such as Wise and Payoneer, are not supported for payouts in Japan.

Updating your bank account information

You can update your account details or add a new bank account at any time in the personal info settings of your Account, which you can access by clicking Account on the pop-up menu from your profile image on the top right of the website. To modify your banking information, just update the new one.

Payout schedule

Payouts will happen automatically every Friday (Tokyo time). They normally arrives to your bank account by the next day.

Payout failures

If your bank account can't receive a payout for any reason, your bank will send the funds back to us. It can take up to 5 additional business days for your bank to return the payout and inform us that it failed. If this happens, please contact us. To ensure that your bank account details are correct, you need to re-enter them if a payout fails. After you re-enter your bank account details, we will attempt to perform the payout again at the next scheduled payout interval. Failed payouts will show 'Failed' on your payout list.