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It is my pleasure to take you to attractive tourist resources scattered around Nikko. I will prepare to satisfy your requests and provide you with a memorable tour. When I worked for a private company, I lived abroad for 5 years in Los Angeles, 11.5 years in Washington D.C. and 2.5 years in Brussels. Despite 19 years long stay abroad, I remain charmed by Japanese things, such as culture, custom, spirit, martial art etc. I am glad if I can of help you understand Japan as well as Nikko through my guide. Because of my interest in martial arts, I own the third grade in Japanese archery, known as Kyudo, and the first-grade certification (4th grade from the top) of Sumo issued by the Japan Sumo Promoting Association. After 19 years of living abroad (5 years in Los Angeles, 2.5 years in Washington D.C.), I am glad to be able to help you understand Japan as well as Nikko through my guide. I have lived in D.C. for 11 and a half years and Brussels for 2 and a half years. I am fascinated by all things Japanese and would like to help make the travel of overseas customers even more enjoyable by weaving together the unique culture, history, and spirit of Japan. With the help of Nikko's two shrines and one temple and the nature of Oku-Nikko protected by the Ramsar Convention, I would like to enrich your trip and make it a memorable one. I have a third dan in martial arts, Kyudo, and am also interested in sumo, the national sport of Japan, and have a first-class sumo certification administered by the Japan Sumo Promotion Association.


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