Ishiura Shrine


4.2 (1428)

3-chōme-1-30 Hondamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0964, Japan

Shinto shrine originally built in the 700s & relocated to this spot in 1880, with festivals.

hourglassDuration: 00h30min

phone+81 76-231-3314

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1428 review(s)

VT A a month ago

It’s the oldest shrine in Kanazawa dating back to the 700s, but the shrine moved to its present location in 1880. It’s a small shrine with rows of bright red torii which reminded me of Fushimi Inari Taisha for those of you who have been to Kyoto…but a super-miniature version. People go pray here to ask for help in finding their soulmates. Ishiura-jinja is nice, but I would not necessarily go out of my way to visit…unless you want to come here for the stylish polka-dot omamori (charms) or the adorable Kima-chan charms. Kima-chan is the shrine’s mascot(?) and is a cute little dog wearing a kanmuri (a shinto priest’s hat) - see photos. I think the charms are awesome and make for great inexpensive souvenirs/gifts.


Nhat Q 4 months ago

Absolutely love this shrine and would visit again. Close to the 21st century museum. It’s a small shrine but I’m shocked this place doesn’t have more people. It’s pretty


Christy M 7 months ago

Pass through the Tori gates to this small Shinto shrine. You can get a goshuin stamp and omamori here. Cute dog mascot for the shrine.


Lawson Brandis a year ago

A nice shrine opposite the museum. The many red Tori gates are pretty, and the dog mascot is cute.


Jacqueline Allinder a year ago

Charming shrine next to Kenroku-en garden entrance. The dog mascot is very cute. Goshuin stamps are available inside the office/shop area. While the gentleman inside didn’t stamp the book page, he had the papers that can be glued layer. The paper came in a very cute small plastic folder with polka dots and the dog mascot on the cover. There were no staff in the tent selling the omomori, however the gentleman said to bring the items inside for purchasing. There are very cute plush dogs for sale, too.