Yamaguchi Daijingu Inner Shrine


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4-4 Takimachi, Yamaguchi, 753-0071, Japan

Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine bears a resemblance to Ise-jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture . Known as the “Ise-jingu Shrine of western Japan,” Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine was constructed here in 1520, based on its more famous counterpart.

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tomoe.holdingsとも笑 a week ago

surprise! And...disappointed😔 I have lived in Yamaguchi prefecture all my life. I had no idea 💧 Well, there's a reason... I don't know history! That means overlooking things like that💧 About the area where I was born and raised Be more interested❗️ That's what I felt🤭


mi ko- 2 weeks ago

It was my first time visiting the shrine. It was a nice shrine with a very solemn atmosphere. There was Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine, Taga Shrine, and Inari Shrine. It was a shrine that had an outer shrine, an inner shrine, and a history that you could feel. For 300 yen, you can get a stamp from both Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine and Taga Shrine. The shrine maiden was very kind and polite.


s. par a month ago

In the past [Imaise] 🅿Yes (around Torii) ・In front of the shrine office before going up the mountain (there was a guide) ・Several locations along the road [2024.1.21] It seems to be related to Ise Kodai Shrine, but it doesn't seem to be called ``Motoise,'' so I didn't know about its existence until recently. Simply put, it is a place that is a condensed version of the former Ise Naiku Kodai Shrine in Fukuchiyama, and although it is short, you have to climb some stairs to get there. Also, like Ise Grand Shrine, there is a Geku, Isuzu River, Sengu grounds, and a sacred horse, and I was quite surprised by all of them. I don't know the details, but what's different is the banner of the shrine? However, the crest is not a chrysanthemum, and there is no large cedar. By the way. Although there is an offering box, there is no bell, so although it shows shrine elements, it is still basically a shrine. I wonder if some ambiguous parts are hidden in plain sight...?


村田誠一 5 months ago

Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine was founded in 1520 by the Ouchi clan as a shrine where the ghosts of Ise Kotai Shrine were sent. Yamaguchi Prefecture was [Suo no Kuni] [Nagato no Kuni], and in Gekokujo, [Ouchi clan] ⇒ [Sue clan] ⇒ [Mori clan], and in the Edo period, Hagi was their castle, so Yamaguchi was left out of history. It's a 5-minute walk from Yamaguchi Kencho-mae Bus Terminal (BT), and if you have time, it's quiet, historic, and has a solemn atmosphere.


Timothy Takemoto 4 years ago

You can see what you can't see at the real Ise Shrine Only the emperor and his family are allowed into the shrine precinct at the real Ise Shrine but you can see scaled down version (perhaps 1/4 size?) at this model Ise Shrine. You can also climb the adjacent Kounomine mountain for a great view if the city if you are fit -- it takes about 30 mins each way.